Stacey is quite a skittish girl who enjoys graphic design, visual art, fiber arts, writing, and several other creative pursuits.

She is a 2013 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied creative writing and architecture. She has a strong affinity for both visual and verbal communication, and wishes to find ways to effectively convey ideas and concepts through image, design, and the written word.

She has completed freelance cover designs and book layouts for various clients, most notably the Carnegie Mellon University Press (where she was also employed as the first on-staff publication design specialist until she moved across the country) and the University of Pittsburgh Press. Recently published books she has worked on include We Mammals in Hospitable Times by Jynne Dilling Martin, Pretenders by Jeff Friedman, and The Collected Stories of Gladys Schmitt.

Currently, she is employed as Art Stylist at Minted, a luxury stationery and home decor company based in Northern California. In this role, she curates and designs gallery walls and other wall art for customers' homes, specially tailored to each client's unique taste and style.

In her free time, Stacey enjoys knitting, learning foreign languages, writing short stories, and producing art. Some of her favorite things include soft animals, the color yellow, and whistling in stairwells.